A letter to the employee:

Located in Shanghai, the largest city in China, it is a large, comprehensive, joint-stock enterprise specializing in garden engineering. The company was originally called Shanghai Cheng Pei Xin Garden Development Limited by Share Ltd, founded in July 2001, the first equity change in March 2011, the registered capital reached 32 million. In August of the same year, it was renamed the ten party garden development Limited by Share Ltd in Shanghai. In August 2014, second shares were changed and a new board of directors was set up, with a registered capital of 96 million 846 thousand and 129. In June 2015, it was renamed as the ten party ecological garden of Shanghai Limited by Share Ltd. The present legal representative and chairman of the board are well-known entrepreneurs in China and Mr. Zhang Junwei, a well-known personage in the industry.

Ten party ecological garden as a high-tech modern garden enterprise, is environmental and ecological construction general contracting enterprises engaged in environmental activities, covering soil remediation, landscape water ecological environment optimization and new restoration projects, the annual turnover reached 5 million yuan.

The ten party ecological gardens have more than 20 patents to invent the utility model, and have built a large number of landscaping projects for the ecological environment. Shanghai ten party ecological garden Limited by Share Ltd has the first level qualification of urban landscaping and grade B qualification of landscape architecture design issued by the Ministry of national construction. It is the executive director unit of Shanghai greening Industry Association. The company, under the framework of a comprehensive administrative operations department, a galaxy of talents, engineering department, marketing department, financial department, marketing department and contract cost center and other departments, has more than 200 employees. More than 80% of the senior professional titles, the core management team are graduated from the well-known domestic colleges and universities, with a profound professional background and excellent practical ability.

The company has strong financial strength and rich resources seedlings, independent property of more than 3000 acres of nursery, located in Shanghai Songjiang, Zhejiang Changxin and Jinhua, Jiangsu and Pizhou liuhe. The company has the strength to meet the needs of all kinds of major projects.

After more than ten years of development, the company is realizing the diversification of the business situation. The company has two wholly owned holding companies: Shanghai ten square source Landscape Design Co., Ltd. and Shanghai County beauty Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Business radiation nationwide, in Beijing, Ji'nan, Hainan, Taiyuan and Wuhan to set up branch. Over the years uphold the integrity of business philosophy, to create products with many world-renowned enterprises such as golden group, Sun Hung Kai, Deputy Group and domestic green departments to establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership, unanimously approved by the industry and customers and highly. We build the award-winning project, super city light, Pizhou Longhai Road, Heming homes, shuiqingmuhua road and 64th three marked a series of projects won the "Shanghai City Garden cup quality engineering".

The ten party ecological garden has accumulated rich practical experience and practical new patent technology in the neighborhood of environmental restoration and environmental biodiversity protection.

Ten party as a "scientific research as the core, to promote the ecological value for the high-tech enterprises build ecological environment responsibility", always pay attention to scientific research and scientific research transformation, has been with the Tongji University School of environmental engineering, Shanghai Ocean University, Jiaotong University, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai Academy of environmental Sciences, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shanghai Academy of Science Park other research institutes to establish a close cooperative relations between the enterprise strategy, and achieved good social, economic and environmental benefits.

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