Digital-health Care medical. What you think

Our vision: Digital-health Care will build a good fleet of health industry based on capital as a link, based on technology innovation and huge market space, taking profit as     the core and talent as the driving force.

Our business philosophy: people-oriented science and technology service industry

Our responsibility: create value for customers; create for employees; create for enterprises; create wealth for society

Our service tenet: sincerity Sentimental and sentimental Take the person in quality

Our product research and development policy: cooperation for reference technological innovation Cost priority Lead a step

Our quality policy: scientific and technological innovation Quality upgrading, scientific management, and service to the public

Our code of conduct: Initiative Self-discipline Appreciate Collaboration

Our core values:

One of the core values: Pursuit
Are engaged in the field of Digital-health Care, deliver customer satisfaction and joy, and rely on the overall planning and innovation, practical intelligence and  perseverance,Suzhou Digital-health Care has become a advanced enterprise's sustainable development, with the world's leading management level. Establish an independent operating mechanism with continuous optimization and improvement of internal management functions, so that enterprises can continue to adapt to the market changes in the disposal of the ability.

Two of core values: Employees
To be responsible and manage effective staff is Dikel's greatest wealth. The employees who respect knowledge, respect their personality and struggle collectively are the motive force of our sustainable development.

Three of core values: Technology
Digital-health Care has widely absorbed the latest research achievements at home and abroad in the field, and has applied various ways within the permitted scope of intellectual property laws, so as to get the technological achievements that need to be "near the shoulders of giants" to innovate. Open and cooperative development of the leading core technology system, so that the overall level of our products in the same industry in the leading position.

Four of core values: Spirit
Love the motherland, love the people, love the business, love business and love life is the source of our cohesiveness. The spirit of dedication, responsibility, innovation and unity and cooperation are the essence of our culture. Pragmatism is our code of conduct.

Five of core values: Interests
Between the enterprise, the customer, the employee and the collaborator (broad sense), the interest community is formed to explore the internal dynamic mechanism of distribution according to the factors of production. We must keep the active personnel and work personnel losses, devotees will get a reasonable return.

Six of core values: Culture
Corporate culture is the invisible force supporting sustainable development of enterprises. It is a benign quality and style accumulated by enterprises in the long run and future development. Never give up and self-criticism is a highlight of our corporate culture. We have no business can rely on natural resources, only the establishment of everything is conducive to rapid growth, enterprise concept and behavior criterion of sustainable development, it gradually evolved into a conscious behavior on colleagues, this is the culture, this is our inexhaustible resources, it contains knowledge, spirit, and management all the sentiments and promote the development of productive forces and intangible factors.

Seven of core values: Social Responsibility
We take the science and technology, his own industry, to undertake social gives all of the social responsibility of the enterprise, every year in the enterprise operating income, paid part of the support of social welfare, for the motherland, for the people, for the society, for yourself and your family happiness and make unremitting efforts.

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